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Adaba Horse Riding


Adaba – Dodola Horse Riding

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Tour Code: AT025

Transportation: by car

Tour Description: This voyage leads to Adaba- Dodola

Day 1: Drive 321km from Addis Ababa Dodola then start riding to Changiti 11km(2 hours)

Early morning after breakfast drive to Dodola, (410 Km from Addis). Enroute, you will make a stop on Awash River and Lake Ziway (best known for its bird life) to visit aquatic birds. You will have lunch at Shashmene (250 Km from Addis). You will proceed driving and arrive in Dodola late afternoon.
Upon arrival, you will check into a hotel and do all the requirements for trekking at the Adaba -Dodola Community Tourism Trekking at GTZ office and facilitate arrangements. Later, you will prepare the necessary logistics for your trekking. In the evening, you will have dinner and stay the night at the hotel. Overnight stay in Local Hotel Dodola. Overnight lodge or camping

Day 2: Ride from Changiti to Angafu 13km (3:00–4:00 hours)

You will have an early breakfast and drive to Changiti (2750 meter above sea level, 10km from Dodola. Here you start trekking to Wahoro on the trail that follows the Lensho River. Upon arrival you will make short trek around Wahoro to visit the impressive rock formation of Wahoro. You will have packed lunch in the bush and continue to Angafu, the way leads through forest or moorlands with heather. Between Tulu Gedemsa (3640 m a.s.l.) and Gama Hugicho (3713 m a.s.l), the vegetation starts being dominated by giant lobelias and thistles. All in all you may need about 5 hours for just less than 10 km. You will have packed lunch in the bush. In the evening, you will spend the night at the camp site. Overnight stay camping at Angafu (3460 meter above sea level).

Day 3: Ride from Angafu to Mololicho 17kms(4:00–5:00 hours)

After breakfast continue trekking to Adele by crossing Hagenia and Hypericum forests, fields of lobelias and torch lilies, and passing caves, the 9-km tour may take you about 4 hours. Over the first section, the trail follows a mountain ridge with views to the volcano shaped Mount Kaka (4100 m a.s.l.) and Mount Honkolo (3900 m a.s.l.) in Arsi on the other side of the Adaba-Dodola plain. You will cross heather moorland, Erica and Hagenia forests and wooded pastures until you reach Adele. Look out for Guereza monkeys in the huge Hagenia trees directly around the hut and appreciate the peaceful silence, the warbling of birds, the drilling of insects or rustling of grazing animals. You will have packed lunch in the bush then continue trekking to Mololicho. The way from Adele to Mololicho is long but beautiful (18 km). First it follows a mountain valley, then a mountain ridge, from where you can see down to the reservoir of WabeShebele. Lobelias and torch lilies are plentiful along the route. Overnight stay camping at Mololicho.

Day 4: Ride from Mololicho to Duro 18km(3:00 – 4:00 hours)

After breakfast, you will continue trekking full day to Duro 2680 m a.s.l. The km tour from Mololicho to Duro covers the longest distance between Adaba-Dodola trekking camps. From the Duro forest camp. You will have packed lunch in the bush. In the evening, you will spend the night at camp site. Overnight stay camping at Duro. Overnight camping

Day 5: Ride from Duro to Adaba 20km(5:00 – 6:00 hours)

Meet your vehicle and drive back to Addis Ababa.


  • Package Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
  • Destination: Addis Ababa to Changiti=>Changiti to Angafu=> Angafu to Mololicho =>Mololicho to Duro =>Duro to Adaba then drive back to Addis
Package Price: $0.00


5 days / 4 nights Start From $0.00

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