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Coffee Ceremony


It is one of the most enjoyable events you can attend at most Ethiopian restaurants. The coffee is taken through its full life cycle of preparation in front of you in a ceremonial manner. Coffee is called "Bunna" by Ethiopians.

The ceremony starts by washing the coffee beans and roasting it in a coffee roasting pan on a small open fire/coal furnace. The pan is similar to an old fashioned popcorn roasting pan and has a very long handle to keep the hand away from the heat. At this time most of your senses are being involved in the ceremony. The woman shake the roasting pan back and forth that the beans won’t burn (This sounds like shaking coins in a tin can), the coffee beans start to pop (sounds like popcorn) and the most memorable part is when the lady preparing the coffee takes the roasted coffee among the audience that the freshly smell of it fills the air.

The roasted coffee is then put in a small household mortar called Mukecha for grinding the beans.

The crushed coffee powder is then put in a traditional clay pot locally called Jebena. Then, it will be made to boil on the small open fire/coal furnace. Again the boiling coffee aroma fills the room. Once the coffee is boiled, it is served in small cups called Cini which are very small Chinese porcelain cups.

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