Axum Axum
the ruins of very old palace of Queen of Sheba and graves of Axumite kings and ancient gold-silver-and bronze coins. Axum, in its heyday, was a great commercial centre, issuing its own currency, and trading with Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India, and even Ceylon.


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On the road again
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"The City of the Castles" is one of Ethiopia's most fascinating cities, founded by Emperor Fasilidas in 1636, following the establishment of the city several castles were built in the royal enclosure; each is unique in size and architecture. Gondar was Ethiopia’s capital for 250 years; it was a center for social, administrative, military, and religious activities until the rise of Emperor Tewodros II in 1855.

Responsible Business

Agesha tour operates in a secure, trustworthy and confidential operating system. Engaged for the sustainability of the host community and initiate a positive mutual benefit based on the traveler choose to participate for the wellbeing of the environment, social and culture based activity, economics and carbon emission reduction.


The activity involves minimize any damage to the environment (flora, water, soil, energy use, contamination. Ideally tried to benefit the environment in positive way (through protection and conservation).

Socially and culturally

The activity doesn’t harm and may revitalize the social structure or culture of the community where it is located.


The activity doesn’t simply begin and rapidly die because of bad business practices, it continue to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the local community. A sustainable business should benefit its owners, employee and neighbors.

Carbon emission reduction

Activity that includes cycling, Hiking, Mule (horse) and trekking.

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