What Kind of transportation do you provide ?

For all our trips we use private transportation with fully equipped Land Cruisers, Coaster Mini Buses - air conditioned with the following general specifications. 

Do you have tour programs for the disabled ?

We believe disability is not a hindrance for many persons to accomplish what they envision. We arrange special touring programs for the disabled. In order to make their travel comfortable and at ease, we require to receive detailed information on the interests and conditions of the traveler.

Are there trips that you provide restricted by age ?

Adults above eighteen year old can travel independently. It is advisable if children accompanied by others are above 15 years old. There are no upper age limits to come on board of our tour programs. For the elderly, mostly above the age of 70, we require to receive medical report stating their being fit to be involved in tours requiring travelling long distance by foot, extensive driving as well as hiking.  

Is it possible to travel alone ?

Yes, Why not?  For tourists and other foreign travelers that require safe journey, particularly in Africa, Ethiopia is a country that in most instances meets the criteria that its guests need to enjoy. You can travel either with a tour guide or alone. But it is advisable to get prior information about the current security before making travel decision to specific places.

What is the size (number) of visitors to be taken into one tailor-made visits ?

We accept tourist that are organized and included in small medium and large groups. However, we require having prior information on the number of persons in the group so as to enable us arrange accommodation ahead of time at sites as well as arrange appropriate transport facilities.

Do you organize tailor-made trips to individuals ?

Yes we do. We can organize trips to individuals based on their interest and requirements they put in place. We can do this on the basis of the information that our visitors provide and indicating in detail what their visit should look like and the provisions of services that we need to cater for them.

How stretchy are AGESHA’s Itinerary ?

We have tour packages to offer as per our itineraries already set out and programmed. However, as per the interest and to be made by our customers we can make our programs flexible in such a way that they suit the interests of group or individual tourists.

When is the appropriate time to travel to Ethiopia ?

Ethiopia is a destination with varied climates. The big rainy season in most instances lasts for three months mostly raining in the highlands of the country. Even if it rains for about ninety days and above, it does not pose a serious problem for tourists; as the sun intermittently provides warm weather replacing the cold weather now and then with sparkling rays of sun shine. Further to this, tourists who want to shy away from the rain can visit the southern part of the country where different historic, safari and game reserves are found.

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