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Archeological tour

Tiya stelae

Archeological tour

Duration: Day trip

Tour Code: AT003

Mode of Transportation: Ground transportation

Tour Description: Day trip to Tiya, Adadi Mariam and Melka Kunture

Tiya is one of the nine UNESCO world heritage sites in Ethiopia. Drive 90 km on the asphalt road from the capital, and only 500m from the main road; Tiya Stelae field consists about 40 Stelae which stand between one and two meters high. Recent excavations revealed that the stones mark mass graves of both males and females who died between the ages of 18 and 30 and were laid to rest in a fontal position.These stelae are remains of an ancient Ethiopian culture, whose age hasn’t yet been precisely determined (the tallest one stands 3.7 meters).

On your return to Addis Ababa detour to Adadi Mariam Rock hewn church; the only southerly rock church related with Lalibela rock hewn church in Ethiopia which dates back to 12th and it lies in the ground with steps descending to the main entrances. The church has 10 gates and 14 small windows to let sunlight inside the room. Return to hotel


  • Package Duration: Day trip
  • Destination: Addis Ababa=>Tiya=>Adadi Mariam=>Addis Ababa
Package Price: $140.00


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