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Menagesha suba Forest

Menagesha suba forest

Menagesha suba forest

Duration: walking tour

Tour code: AT026

Mode of transportation: Ground transportation and Hiking

Tour Description: Explore through the suba forest of Menagesha rich in flora and fauna a day trip from the capital

Menagesha Suba forest park is a beautiful forest from 15th century, located 55 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Almost a dozen trails (up to 9km in height) leads through the forest, with one even heading above the tree line to Mt Wuchacha's 3380m summit.

The total area of the forest is about 2,500 hectares and its composition represents the natural high forests that once exists in Ethiopia. The oldest tree of Juniperus procera is estimated to be over 200 year old all covered in a thick layer of moss. While Erica Arborea and Helichrysum represent vegetation of above 3,000 m (high attitude).

The multiple layers provide a rich habitat for plants and animals including the endemic Menelik's bushbuck who took refuge in the forest enclave, Anubis baboon, Gureza (Colobus monkey), bush pig, warthog and leopard.

Mt. Menagesha in the vicinity, this is not the same place. According to local tradition, this Menagesha is where many Ethiopian kings' coronations were held. When you reach at the top of the mountain there is camping ground from here visitors certainly enjoy the spectacular scenery of the plain.

The beauty of the Mogli peak and surrounding scenery makes Menagesha Suba forest an ideal place for nature lovers, hikers, trekkers, forest explores and scenery admirers


  • Package Duration: Day Trip
  • Destination: Addis Abava=>Ambo=>Menagesha=>Addis Ababa
Package Price: $140.00 $130.00


Day Trip starts from $140.00 $130.00

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