Addis food test and walking tour

Addis Food test

Addis food test and walking tour

Duration: Day trip

Tour code: AT026

Mode of transportation: on foot

Tour Description: there are several kinds of dishes most of them unique to the country, so its worth familiarizes yourself with Ethiopian delicious spicy food.

08:30-09:30 Juice test

Ethiopians prime soft drink is fruit juice, which is really Pureed fruit. What is available depends somewhat on season and location, but most common juices are banana, avocado, papaya, orange and guava. Highly recommended is the avocado, which sounds odd but is delicious with a squeeze of fresh lime and is sometime layered with grenadine syrup. If in doubt, ask mixed from all type serve in layer.

10:00-11:00 yoguart

For the diary corner we can stop by at a place where you could find geniune Ethiopian diary test, which they supply from their farm fresh everyday and then we head to the vegiteerian corner.

11:00-12:30 Tadesse grand (vegetarian corner)

Injera large pan cake shaped substance made from Teff which is a nutty tasting grain unique only for Ethiopia. Serve Injera with a vegan options .such as pureed chickpeas serve inform of thick pastelike shiro tegamino, or similar dishes made from beans (kik wot) or lentils (misr wot), as well as piles of spinach(gomen) .In addition to that bottled lager beer is acceptable in Ethiopia which are several in brands among them ,St. Gorge , castle, Bedele, Harar, Walia , Dashen, Habesha ,Meta so experience beer test from known brands as well.

01:00-02:30 Yohannes Ketfo

Ketfo is a traditional food for south people particularly the Gurage people. A bland form of fried mince, and serve indifferent form like uncooked one known special ketfo, the other one is partially cook one and the last one is cooked one which all three have some kind of different in taste.

03:00-04:30 Yelima Sega  (Butchery)

The most common non vegetarian accompaniment to Injera is a dish called tibs(or more properly siga tibs, litrally ‘meat fried’,which as its name suggests consists of freshly flash- fried meat, spiced moderately and mixed in with onions and peppers.Tibs is often served with a spicy red powder called mitmitaon the side, or with awaze, a sauce made from berbiberi(powdered chilli)togher with lime juice,salt, olive oil and drop of whisky or wine. Particulary recommended is shekla tibs, where the fried meat is served in a clay pot that contain a charcoal burner.

05:00-05:30 Coffee cermony

The coffee is brewed by first roasting the green coffee beans over hot coals in a brazier, Once the beans are roasted each participant is given an opportunity to sample the aromatic smoke by wafting it towards them. This is followed by the grinding of the beans, traditionally in a wooden, Mortar and pestle. The coffee grounds are then put into a special vessel and boiled. The boiling pot (jebena) is usually made of pottery and has a spherical base, a neck and pouring spout, and a handle where the neck connects with the base. When the coffee boils up through the neck it is poured in and out of another container to cool it, and then is put back into the boiling pot until it happens again. To pour the coffee from the boiling pot, a filter made from horsehair or other material is placed in the spout of the boiling pot to prevent the grounds from escaping. Thier are three coffee stage in Ethiopian coffee culture.


  • Package Duration: Day trip
  • Destination: Juice test=>yoguart=>Tadesse grand (vegetarian corner)=>Yohannes Ketfo=>Yelima Sega (Butchery)=>Coffee cermony
Package Price: $100.00


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