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Addis food taste and walking tour

Addis Food test

Addis food test and walking tour

Duration: Full day

Tour code: AT026

Mode of transportation: walking tour

Tour Description: There are several kinds of dishes most of them unique to the country, so its worth familiarizes yourself with Ethiopian delicious spicy food.

Juice or Yogurt

Ethiopian fruit is really pureed fruit. What is available depends somewhat on season and location, but most common juices are banana, avocado, papaya, orange and guava.

Enjera (Traditional pancake)

Enjera is source of carbohydrate, large pancake shaped made from ‘’Teff’’, nutty-tasted grain. The “Teff “dough fermented for up to three days before it’s cooked with texture and have a slightly sour taste which is unique to Ethiopia. For a taste take a piece ‘’Enjera’’ on your hand and use it to scoop the “wat”, the sous.

Vegan Corner

Vegan wat (sous) is served mainly on Wednesday and Friday, i.e. the orthodox weekly fasting days. The traditional dish comes with puréed beans (shiro wat), halved beans (kik wat) lentils miser wat), Spinach (Gomen) and Potato sous (Dinech wat).

Shiro Tegamino

Shiro Tegamino is a special delicious thick paste to be served on fasting. what makes it special is that the puréed beans (Shiro wat) is cooked with a low heat to bring the flavor of the spices Bean and with Butter(optional), and the Butter (optional), Serve with the Enjera.

Fried meat (Shekila tibs)

Fried meat is also very popular Ethiopian dish, made with fried meat served in a clay pot (with little charcoal heat to keep the fried meat hot), different spices and Enjera.


Ketfo is a minced meat slightly-cooked served with baked bread made from false banana tree called ‘’Enset”, a local cheese called “Ayib” and a vegetable called “Gomen”. Ketfo special, the same dish but uncooked (raw minced meat) can also be served.


Kaffa province in Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, and it also accounts for more than half of Ethiopia’s exports. The local espresso-style coffee (Bunna) served with two spoons of sugar is rich, sweet and thoroughly addictive.

Tej & Tela

Tej, is the most popular local tipple, a mead like drink made from honey (Mar).”Mar Tej’’ is similar to most local African brewed drink but very unique in how it’s made, taste, and is very alcoholic , but it’s naturally made from pure honey so no harm for health.

Tela is a locally brewed beer, made from millet or maize. This is similar to the local brew of east and South Africa. It passes through a thorough fermentation process which makes it alcoholic.


  • Package Duration: Day trip
  • Destination: Juice test=>yoguart=>Tadesse grand (vegetarian corner)=>Yohannes Ketfo=>Yelima Sega (Butchery)=>Coffee cermony
Package Price: $119.00


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