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Harar was formally found in 1520 when Amir Abu Beker Mohammed moved his capital from an older settlement nearby. The Amir was assassinated five years later by Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi (Ahmed Gragn the left handed) who launched Jihad war against Christian empire in 1530-32 through his death in1543.After his death a war impoverished Harar was isolated by the advance of the Oromo tribes leading Gragn’s nephew and successor, Nur ibn al – Wazir Mujahid, to erect strong encircling walls which remain as a dominant features of the city.

Harar ceased to be an independent city in 1875 when the Egyptian, determined to established on East Africa Empire kill Amir at the time; Abu Shakur. By 1887 the Egyptian occupation was over and an Amir who had managed to take over for a brief time was defeated by Emperor Menlik, Menilik installed his cousin Ras Mekonne a progressive best remembered for being the father of Emperor Hailesilase as a governor of Harar integration the city into Ethiopia.

The city was fortified with a 5m high wall around town against invaders and its five gates that take into the center of the city Jegol were built between the 13th and 16th centuries. The town is famous for the unique layout of its houses, known for their very colorful traditional costumes add to the appeal, coffee, Muslim and Christian markets in Harar are considered unique attraction and also still famous for the handcraft. Once it was a major trading crossroad and spearheaded Islam’s penetration into the Horn also Centre of Islamic scholarship.The hyena men who put on a remarkable show of feeding hyena meat and seemingly interacting with wild animals. Harar considered as the fourth holiest city of Islam next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

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